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Andy’s Fiver Friday #90 – F6, Dave Denes and Mike Santos

29th May 2017 - Fiver Friday -


Unbelievable, we are getting closer to FF #100!

1. Plugin

Waves recently released F6. It’s an dynamic eq (which seem to be pretty popular these days), and its benefits compared to a standard eq are obvious. Also the price looks pretty attractive right now.

2. Inspiration

Proud of this guy, check out my partner in crime, great dude and friend.

Dave ‘Chachi’ Denes

3. Music

Brand new, retro like all his new singles, but groovy to the fullest (Album anounced for June 30)

4. Web/ Social / Whatever

More Singapore stuff. Such an amazing city!


 5. Imaging

Mike Santos’ imaging for KIIS in Melbourne and Matt and Meshel morning show! Check how he’s playing with the elements. Nice one!