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EXPERIMENT 1st Survey :Which production system do you use? What is your favourite gear or plugIN?

10th December 2010 - General - , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I want to try a first survey here over the weekend. Please tell the other guys, which production systems / software do you use and what is your favourite outboard gear and plugIN(s)a nd maybe a short why that is. I am happy to make all comments and answers public over the weekend and discuss the results on Monday. Looking forward to hear from you all.

Cheers and nice weekend.


  • MatthieuReply

    My DAW is a Pro Tools HD2 system & my favorite plug'in is the Transfuser from Digidesign/Avid. A very cool plug with a lots of possibility & fx on it. 1 everything run on the tempo, love it ;)

    10th December 2010
  • ChuckReply

    I use Adobe 1.5. Stable. Trustworthy. I can do just about anything with it you can do on Pro Tools. I also use Sony Vegas 8.0.

    My favorite "go to" plugs... L1, C1 comp/gate, SSL 4000 compressor... and Waves REQ6 and L2/L3. I start with those then work from there.

    10th December 2010
  • Andrew ChoiniereReply

    I use Nuendo 3.2 and it work A1.... and i don't know anyone who is using Nuendo. ahah.
    Plugins ? Waves bundle, T-Racks, PSP Nitro, FabFilter, speakerphone... those are the main one.

    10th December 2010
  • PeteReply

    Adobe Audition 3.0.1 and Pro Tools M-Powered for most demanding vocal stuff. But I still like working on Audition most of the time. As for the plugs, hmmm... Waves L3, Waves MetaFlanger, API 2500/SSL compressors, Waves REQ6 (yeah, me too) and Izotope Ozone. These days I'm testing new Izotope's "Nectar" and I'm sure this thing will be my next *must have.
    Outboard gear? My only desire is Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel and I'm planning to get one soon ;)

    10th December 2010
  • GavanReply

    I've used Audition, Vegas, Pro Tools, Sonar...

    But now I use Cockos Reaper (www.reaper.fm) and LOVE it! So much more intuitive, and it is such a great price as well.

    As for plugs, I use the Waves Gold bundle, and I love the BBE Sonic Sweet ($99)

    11th December 2010
  • benztownbrandingReply

    hi all, thx for your great interest and feedback I will adress and extra post condidering this topic online in 30 minutes. Thx andy

    13th December 2010
  • JamesReply

    Adobe Audition 1.5 & 3.0, occasionally Acid

    1st September 2011
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