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Don’t take it personal YOU….

25th June 2013 - General - ,


I often stumble over people, who really can’t live with criticism and changes in their micro cosmos. It is definitely hard, especially as a creative person and believe me: I know this very well. But due to my experience, I really can tell you, it is important to get negative feedback from people with more experience, knowledge and a better skill set. Without that, there is no growth, no improvement, no self-development. Consider that, when you start swearing about your pd, gm, head of imaging when he makes you change the promo for the third time.
The person might have no idea at all, don’t understand your genius or just might know better.

That’s why I ask myself all the time….Will the listener understand?

That’s why I tell everybody at Benztown….Don’t take it personal!


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  • kcstylesReply

    Touché... Well said...

    25th June 2013
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