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Do you remember Ohm Force?

11th May 2016 - Review - , , , , , , ,


I recently stumbled upon some Ohm Force plugins, I used to use some time ago… Somehow they got into the background as new stuff is released fast. So today I give you a short overview of these French plugins!

Ohm Force was created in 2000 by a crew of computer cracks. Over the years they developed different plugins containing synths, effects and recently an interesting DAW, which works like Pro Tools’ cloud collaboration feature. The look of their plugins is a little bit… mushy and out of date… but this makes a fair price! Let’s see whether the sound is still good.


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frohmage [free] // filter

frohmage is a small filter plugin with some nice additions. It looks pretty cheesy, but it’s hard to find out which functions knobs have. The sound itself is a bit grimy and delivers a nice amount of dirt. On top you’ve got several buttons for presets. By clicking on them you can sweep through different presets. A nice tool to create filter transitions by ease!



predatohm [~$33] //mb-distortion

This plugin is what you would call multi-band distortion. For each band you’ve got several distortion options form hard, to soft clipping. I tried it on voice and the presets might need some tweaking to sound good, as they are pretty harsh. But anyway, a nice choice for Rock and CHR. But compare it to ohmicide (see below) – you will definitely notice a quality difference.




hematohm [~$56] // pitch shifter

The aliens are here! This tool is perfect for voice. Used as a layer it will not only add creepiness and alien style. I also found some interesting delay effects like “easy pig” or “the clown and the lady”.






mobilohm [~$56] // phaser

Ohm Force calls this plugin a multi-phaser. In my eyes this one is an old school tool, as it sounds 80s. I would not use it for younger formats, but for Classic Hits this is an option.





ohmboyz [~$79] // delay

ohomboyz is a flexibel delay plugin with two delay lines, which can be activated at the same time. Each delay line has own filters, so you can create pretty complex delays if you want. I recommend the “simple delays” presets. But also the chorus ones are nice to fatten up VO.





ohmicide [~113$] // distortion

Wow, this one is a complex distortion plugin and sounds fantastic. It takes some time to understand each parameter and I won’t go into details now, but the result is just great. The presets are organized in patches (loaded by clicking “L”) and can be activated by pressing the buttons in the upper right. You will find several patches for instrument applications, but there are also vocal presets. A great point to start from.





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