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CHR Worldwide or revisit KISS FM Berlin

9th November 2012 - General - , , , , , , , ,

Remember Andreas, my buddy from Berlin? He is the man behind KISS FM, Berlin – the best sounding radio station in Germany. His energy and sound for KISS FM is legendary and I am proud Andreas / KISS goes Benztown CHR since a long time.

He makes my workparts sound so great on the air by remixing, combining, tweaking…… mashing them up. Whatever he does, he does it right! He creates magic out of it!

Check it out.

  • Paul DuffyReply

    Very very very very slick! Very slick!

    9th November 2012
  • GregReply

    are you sure this is the best in Germany ??

    it's very cluttered and vo pprocessing is poor; actually the male vo is possibly to blame ; delivery is totally wrong for chr . Also the whole artist name check thing sounds so cliche now ; unless you use it in a song and you have them saying your name ; don't bother.

    Happy to help and hope it's constructive.

    9th November 2012
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