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How To Improve In 5 Minutes: ID Vocoder customisation!

19th July 2017 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

The Benztown Tutorial Series continues! This week Alex shows some magic tricks again: Using a vocoder like Vocal Synth, to match IDs to music and add tonal accents!

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #97 – Daily Stoic and How To Get 35% on FAME FX Vol.3!

14th July 2017 - Fame FX, Fiver Friday

This week was huge! We released Fame FX Vol.3 today and are pretty proud to do the hattrick!

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A Trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Radio Days South Africa – Enter benztown’s Jan!

14th July 2017 - Interviews

Radio Days Africa recently took place from July 05 – 07 in South Africa ! Jan, overseeing our Classic Hits, Urban, Urban AC libraries, and Nadine went to Johannesburg for the conference. I feel like South Africa is an interesting place, beside Safari’s especially imaging wise,…

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #96 – Nürnberger Rostbratwürste, Radiodays South Africa and an Imaging Masterclass

7th July 2017 - Fiver Friday

The 100 is close, isn’t that crazy.  I am so excited to reach that mark and for sure will have a surprise for you in the next weeks. This week Oli and I attended the Lokalrundfunktage in Nürnberg, which is a local radio conference in Germany,…

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Heads Up: Adding reverb to get your VO mixed in!

5th July 2017 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

Reverbs are a great tool to create transitions or “false endings”. It’s also a common used mix tool in music production. But used on VO tracks I recommend to add it in moderation, as this helps to sit your VO better in the mix and ensures audibility.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #95 – Valhalla, Titanfall and Car Rain

30th June 2017 - Fiver Friday

Let’s get directly into this week’s five!

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How to improve in less than 3 Minutes: Create branding intros without instrumentals!

28th June 2017 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

You need a ramploop, but there’s no instrumental part at the beginning of the track? In this super short post, Alex shows you a great trick how to remix and create the intro of a branding with a full vocal part.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #94 – Rethink your priorities, summer and coffee for my greek friends and of course…..every body else.

23rd June 2017 - Fiver Friday

What a week. Finally, Summer in the city!

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ShaperBox: Fancy techniques to create audibility.

22nd June 2017 - Tutorials

In the last Fiver Friday I gave a heads up to some techniques for using Shaperbox. These can be used to manipulate instrumentals or musicbeds to increase audibility. These 1min videos are easy and fast to understand. I tested three of them for radio imaging benefits.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #93 – Shaperbox Techniques, Emotional Intelligence and Just Le Vent

16th June 2017 - Fiver Friday

Another Summer Imaging week insanity. So much awesome new discoveries.

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Control the space: Fabfilter Pro-R

14th June 2017 - Review

You know fabfilter. And they are doing cool stuff like their EQ and compressor. The newest addition to their catalogue is a reverb. The first look was nice, but I wanted to know how it sounds.

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From LA to Thailand and back home or The Crazy Journey of Iron Imager Brad Leask

8th June 2017 - Interviews

It is just a few weeks away, but feels like ages already. I had such a great time with Brad and Sidey and their performance at Iron Imager were just stunning! Brad is now back home –  in real life after partying in LA, winning…

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Want to change your NAME? 3 Tools to do BATCH renaming!

31st May 2017 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

Naming files is essential to keep track of them and stay organized. It gets even more important when actually creating content and files. In our case this could be cutting VO and naming them.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #90 – F6, Dave Denes and Mike Santos

29th May 2017 - Fiver Friday

  Unbelievable, we are getting closer to FF #100!

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #89 – Ryan Drean’s PT Tip, Howard Cogan’s Airline Commercial and Singapore’s Broadcast Asia!

29th May 2017 - Fiver Friday

Hey guys, this week I am writing this from my hotel room in Singapore. Broadcast Asia is around the corner and I am so excited as it is the first time I am gonna attend.  Let me know, if you are around –  email me….

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #88 – Back home, Amoss Lee and Country Imaging

29th May 2017 - Fiver Friday

First week back at home – catch up week, ughhh…was a tough one, but I am happy to be back.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #87 – NAB in Sin City, ENCO systems and Cory Booker.

29th May 2017 - Fiver Friday

What a week! New York, Vegas, LA. I am so happy to be back in the US again and NAB with our friends from ENCO has been a blast. Guess what, next will even be better! The WWRS is right around the corner and the…

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Oeksound soothe: control the peaks!

24th May 2017 - Review

Working with session templates is a way to maximize your output without setting up tracks and routing every time you want to produce a new piece. So it’s an essential way to go. But theoretically this means that every material has always to be equal. At…

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A Radio Producer’s Plugin Wish List…

7th December 2016 - General

Christmas is close, so its time to send your wishes to Santa. But what to put on this list? I asked the guys in the studios what they would love to get for christmas, and this is what came up: A nice list with plugins for every budget including…

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Andy’s Fiver Friday #67 – NI Form, Sapiens and Daft Punk!

2nd December 2016 - Fiver Friday

The first week I passed on the FIVER. But for a reason :)… I thought on Black Friday all you PlugIN geeks would love to get the latest deals as updates and I was right. Thanks for more than 500(!!!) people reading this post alone…

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