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Benztown Christmas Contest, go Gary and rule the Imaging world!

29th November 2012 - General - , , ,


You all know this little guy, he was taking over the Imaging on 1200 stations worldwide in the last 3 years. His name is Gary and he is the most interesting Imaging Director in the world. He even has his own commercial.



Produce the most creative and funny AUDIO Promo for Gary. Make him the most interesting Imaging Director in the world.

Prizes: this is no rank, the winner picks whatever he/she likes and so on….

A) All Access Ad for a month as being the newest member of Benz Imaging Group Roster. We will present you to thousand of radio heads and the decision makers in US radio on our exclusive All Access Ad with headshot. With over 3000 hits per week, we will make sure you’ll get noticed by the leading radio programmers in the country!

B) Fame FX for free including all bonus packs (THIS IS MORE THAN 400 Tracks, which will make your station / productions sound outstanding)

C) Get your imaging ninja skills to a new level. Q & A with Benztown Imaging Director Justin Case, DJ , MixShow Host and Kenpo Expert.

D) Your own Jingle…the legendary Benztown Jingle Crew will create the most remarkable Jingle for you / your freelance business or your station.

How it works:

Send your script to Harry Legg (hl@benztown.com)the legendary Benztown VO Artist and NT Imaging Director, receive audio from one of the leading VO talents in the business, use the beds below and add whatever you think is appropriate and make your promo the winner. All Blog Readers vote their favorite and maybe make YOU the winner.

DEADLINE for sending in your audio is: Sunday, December 16th midnight PST. Voting period is from Monday 17, until Saturday 22nd.

Here’s our mail address: blog@benztown.com

A very Gary Christmas to you all.

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