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Beatmixing Madness Part 2 – And the Beat keeps going on…From Dubai to Denver

14th March 2011 - General - , , , , , , , , , , , ,

After getting so much different beatmatched stuff and beatmixes last week, we thought, you’d have enough of this… apparently not. So I feel free to start with a benztown piece from last week and after that  introduce you to the stuff we got sent from Mike, Tom and Pavel.

Enjoy the guys amazing work, get inspired and feel free to comment and share your beatmixes with us (blog@benztown.com).

Remember Mike Santos? He’s our multi-format imaging rockstar, imaging Alice 1059, 99-5 The Mountain and KOSI 101.1. He’s part of the benztownimaginggroup.

Mike wrote:

“was mucking around a bit (to see if i could still do it) and threw this little gem together.
best part of it all, i did it all in Adobe!  haha…TAKE THAT PRO TOOLS!!!
what do ya think?


Check out his Adobe beatmatches.

The next demo is from Tom Ferguson, who works at Channel 4 Radio Network

Tom wrote us:

Thought I’d contribute to your beatmix post with the attached, something done recently
Take care

Pavel Nikolov from ASAP Studio in Vienna, Austria sent us some stunning beatmatched stuff, he made for Clubstyle FM

Pave wrotel us:

“I’ve just heard  great beatmatched stuff on your blog and I wish to share with you some of my own. I hope you like it 🙂

So here they are. Alot of new stunning beatmixes. Enjoy them, feel free to comment them and get inspired.

Wanna read you name here next time? Feel free to share your beatmixes or beatmatched sounds with us (blog@benztown.com)

  • PeteReply

    "haha…TAKE THAT PRO TOOLS!!!" Yep, Adobe still rocks and me likey that, Mike :)

    14th March 2011
    • Gavan BrudererReply

      I'd be interested to see a screenshot of that Audition session from Mike :) Beatmix rocks!!

      14th March 2011
      • mikeReply


        thanks man! hit me up with your email and i'll send it over to ya!


        14th March 2011
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