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Aussie Beatmatching Masterclass – The Hottest Hits of 2013 so far with DJ Konsky!

16th July 2013 - General, Videos - , , ,

It is a tradition on this blog. Every 6 month, Australian Imaging magician David Konsky serves us one of his famous mashups.

This year is halfway gone and once again, it’s a pleasure to bring DJ Konsky’s latest piece. A stunning mashup of this year’s hits… so far. Enjoy the video!


Check out some screenshots and extra info behind this masterpiece and a stripped down part of the beatmix, where David explains you how he made it. If you want to learn from one of the best – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Edit Screen Shot

You hear that Daft Punk transition around 3:20? David explains this one in a second screen shot with the audio separated in various mix outs.

‘No quality acapellas were available for Treasure or Get Lucky. I found an extended remix breakdown of get lucky vocal over a synth pad which I filtered with a high pass. Bruno Mars was filtered up through a low pass filter. Using pitch shift, high pass filter and pitch n time Armin Van Buuren was placed in the mix. It was all “beatmixed” to the instrumental beat from Blurred Lines.’

Hear it all in detail here:

And here’s a screen shot of that part.

Mixout Screen Shot

A L1+ Ultramixer on the master holds it all together.

If you’re just looking for the audio, you can her it on David’s Soundcloud channel.

Thanks a lot to David Konsky for sharing this piece of imaging and production art with us.

  • MatthieuReply

    Just awsome ! Love this tips and tricks !
    Have fun


    16th July 2013
  • youknowReply

    Shows that all what is played in the radio sounds the same :-S

    16th July 2013
  • Harry LeggReply

    Konsky is a production god!

    16th July 2013
  • giorgosionReply

    more than perfect!

    17th July 2013
  • KonskyReply

    you know... take a look at this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlDewpCfZQ

    anyone after some modern acapellas - a good site is remixchart.com ... enjoy :)

    20th July 2013
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