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Andys Fiver Friday – Episode 17

20th November 2015 - General - , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

What a week?! What a crazy week! I dont want to add my opinion to the “Paris Terror Islamic Threat” type of discussions I have seen all week long on televison , social etc. My point is, I am just thankful, that all my french friends have been safe while these attacks have happend and I feel really sorry for th victims, their families and friends.

Can I pass on this one :)…Just kidding! What I really love dusing this week is the API 2500 bus compressor. It glues things together so well and is a quick go to also for VO compression. Check the preset Lead Vox and go from there!


2. Inspiration.
What a great commercial from Porsche and Marc Webber…

3. Music.
Steve Aoki …The Power of NOW

4. Social / Fun / Whatever.
Gabriel my old friend send me this via fb…crazy stuff!

5. Imaging.

Michael ‘sidey’ Anderson did a fantastic, very uncommone piece about the Paris Terror Attacks. It is a branded song, more than 4 minutes long! Incredible work!

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