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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 6 or Fine art and IMAGING

28th August 2015 - General - , , , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

WOW. Another week – I have the feeling time flies. Here is Episode 6

1. PlugIns
This week I used the McDSP FutzBox on some stuff. Very nice presets, great sounds for scenes and promo starts or for layering.


2. Inspiration
ART, art, ArT. aRT – I am crazy about fine arts right now- statues, paintings, street art etc…I think there is something in it for every creative person. Why?
Art is a type of communication and this is what we do….every day, we communciate with our audience.


3. Music
One of the best Hip Hop tunes of all times

4. Social / Fun / Whatever
Really intersting article about the power of sleping and recovery. I loved it!

5. Imaging
The AI Imaging On-AIr DEMO:

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