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Andy’s Fiver Friday #23 – Cray Cray for TayTay!

22nd January 2016 - Fiver Friday - , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

Episode 23! Let’s go for it!

1. PlugINs
Ok, every week a PlugIn, this is getting harder and harder. How about a Synth? I highly recommend checking out Serum from XFer. It’s a wavetable synth and reminds me of a┬ácombination between NI Massive and Waves Codex: killer sound and endless possibilities!


Hmmm, have you ever heard about how the Japanese name their Streets? Now you think this guy is crazy, right? The Japanese street system? In japan the blocks have names the streets NOT. So, everywhere else in the world this is done exactly the opposite way. You live in Oak Street or on Burbank Boulevard, not in Block 5.
The crazy thing is: BOTH WAYS work. I use this story often to make people understand thinking or doing the exact opposite of what you regularly do can work as well!

Eric B & Rakim. What would Hip Hop be without these guys.

4.Social / Web / Whatever
A fanatstic article about company culture and exact my alley in terms of how to build long lasting companies that matters.

5. Imaging
From our friends at Nova in Oz. Great work Brad!

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