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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 14 or back home and how to kill tiredness

30th October 2015 - General - , , , , , , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

Since Tuesday I am back home and tired as hell as you can imagine. So I tried to overcome the Jetlag with some easy techniques…coffee…redbull..coffee…and it worked!!!

1. PlugIns
Waves Metafilter, I havent used this plugIn before today, but there is some really great presets to go from for Imaging and for Composing and the Crunch Knob does its trick as well, if you automate it for example. Gets you a nice bit crush type of sound, comped with some distortion etc..You get it! (Sidenote: Metafilter is on sale right now for $79)

2. Inspriraton
I am not into politics, but I think we all need to love this guy – Collin Powell. His books are great, his TED talk about education as well and now:

CNN: Colin Powell: I will ‘continue to be a Republican because it annoys them’

3. Music
The favorite song of my son – I had to listen to this 100 times in the car:)

Anthony Hamilton – Best Of Me

4. Social / Fun / Whatever
Who revolutionized Dance Music? #daftpunk – I watched the movie on the flight back!

5. Imaging

I love Country music, seriously – Justin does such a great job imaging Go Country in LA.

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