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Andy’s Fiver Friday #96 – Nürnberger Rostbratwürste, Radiodays South Africa and an Imaging Masterclass

7th July 2017 - Fiver Friday -

The 100 is close, isn’t that crazy.  I am so excited to reach that mark and for sure will have a surprise for you in the next weeks. This week Oli and I attended the Lokalrundfunktage in Nürnberg, which is a local radio conference in Germany, mainly focused on Bavaria. Great speakers, sausages and of course so awesome to see old friends and partners.  On the other side of the world Jan and Nadine are visiting Radiodays South Africa, where Jan is holding a masterclass about Imaging.

1. Plugin

I really recommend to give Native Instruments RC24 a try. It’s a go to emulation by softube of the Lexicon224, but sounds less digital to my ears.

2. Inspiration

Gary Vaynerchuk at Larry King Now. Classy conversation.

3. Music

Never get’s old.

4. Web/Social/Whatever

I highly recommend this local radio conference in Nürnberg. Great speakers, good content. Also super interesting for foreign travelers as well, because of the bavarian food and the legendary party, of course.


Posted by Oliver Klenk on Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017

5. Imaging

Jan lead a Master Class at Radio Days South Africa. Here’s a snippet!

Live from Radio Days Africa in Johannesburg, Jan Bruckner leads the Benztown Audio Production Master Class!

Posted by Benztown Branding on Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017