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Andy’s Fiver Friday #65 – Adobe VoCo, North Korea and German Hip Hop

11th November 2016 - Fiver Friday -


So, the week was insane, crazy, different. Why? I will give you a more extended version  in the next weeks – promise!

1. PlugIN

Adobe recently releaesed an incredible software for manipulating spoken word. It’s called VoCo. The software analyzes an audio file and transforms it into text. Then you can just type in other words and phrases or change existing words. The software takes what it needs and recreates the requested words into speech.
Unfortunately you still need around 20minutes of spoken word, so the software has all information it needs to transform new words. But let’s see, maybe this will be possible with shorter phrases in the future. Anyway, incredible technology, but a bit dangerous at the same time.


2. Inspiration
A cool movie I saw this week, waited too long for sure…inspired by RDUBs travel.


I can’t help it, this week’s song is the favorite song of my son… dont expect too much! Just good old german Hip Hop!


4. Web

This is Oli and my new website. Just released it this week.


Soundquadrat Website


5. Imaging

Steph Jansens latest Demo! Great Sound!