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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Andy’s Fiver Friday #60 – The best #espresso in the world, a new killer CHR package for the biggest station on the planet and of course NI Form!

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Guys, I am writing this from 30000ft above ground in a plan on my way to LA. I am so happy to see all my friends and hang out at the new benztown office soon.



1. PlugIn

Native Instruments Form! This nice tool for Reaktor 6 come as a part of the Komplete 11 bundle.

Great to transform any kind of sampled audio. I love to use them on Samples and IDs, as you can excite them in any thinkable way pretty fast and easy.



2. Inspiration
For sure there have ben a lot of inspirational events the last 2 weeks and I am thinking whats next? What can be another level, even more practical, even more learning. Any ideas, suggestions, wishes, dreams – email me!



3. Music.
I just pick what I listen to now:
Johnny Cash American 3 – Solitary Man



4.Social / Fun / Whatever
Guys, the best purchase I made the last years…Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco :)..
I cant tell you how much joy and fun this Espresso Goddess brings to the office.



Brand NEW out of the press…NEW Europa Plus Package. CHR Imaging for the biggest station on the planet.




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