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Andy’s Fiver Friday #53 – back to normal!

19th August 2016 - Fiver Friday - , , , , , , , , , ,


It was such a fantastic week and I am so happy my homie Kevin from our LA office was here and we had time to hang out, talk about imaging jack , sports, photo and also he liked our german cuisine, especially the beer :)…

1. Plugin

Some of the guys here are using iZotope Insight. It’s a superior meter and analyzer with so many useful presets, especially for broadcast. Check out the LUFS meter. It’s perfect if you monitor your stuff on different machines. This meter acts like a reference if you are not sure how loud your stuff is compared to other productions.

Check iZotope’s Facebook channel. they just reached 100k likes, so they drop Insight for 80% off! Click here!


2. Inspiration

Attached you find some great photos Kevin has done from his tours in Stuttgart.

Posted by Kevin Horton on Sonntag, 14. August 2016


3. Music

I listened to this track all week, so good! Poetic Justice from Kendrick Lamar, to me the best MC these days. He is one of the guys you can compare to the heroes of my youth.


4. Web/Social/Whatever

So proud of our boy Shane, nice work on Larry King! Check the track and let me know what you think!

All Access: Benztown Creates New Intro Music For Larry King Now



5. Imaging

Some new goods from our mate from Channel 4…Tom Ferguson!


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