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Andy’s Fiver Friday #43 – Boxing is awesome, Ali was the GOAT and of course Powerhouse sessions!

10th June 2016 - Fiver Friday - , , , , , , , ,


Thanks for a fantastic week, Fame FX Vol. 2 exceeded by far our expectations. You are rockstars, I am so happy about your feedback and especially about the guys who bought the first package 5 years ago and now went for the second edition.

1. Plugins

Slate Digital has a great bus compressor collection. It contains three compressors, each with own characteristics and sound. My favorite is the FG-Grey, which is a model of the 4000 SSL series. Discrete and tight combined with classic sound!

2. Inspiration

Why soccer is the best sport – PERIOD! The Euro is ON!

3. Music

One of my favorite tracks…ever!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

What an awesome recording! Was so much fun to punch Max :)…Alex is a beast, too! Thanks Powerhouse!


Check these rough samples!


5. Imaging

This week it is a no brainer, I love tributes and as I am the biggest Ali Fan ever, this is ours for the GREAT OF ALL TIME!

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