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Andy’s Fiver Friday #37 or Imaging from New Zealand to Germany

29th April 2016 - Fiver Friday - , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

Its friday again – Check out my latest top 5!

1. Plugins

I found a small free plugin this week. Atom from Sinevibes is a small filter plugin which moves a filter automated to the host’s bpm. It’s possible to choose different filters, modulation waves and speed. Click here and check it!Screen-shot-2015-10-15-at-09.37.20


2. Inspiration

Fantastic blog of word press founder Matt Mullenweg. So much great insight on all type of topics and very personal from the guy, who revolutionized the INTERNET!


mullenweg_matt tsp

3. Music

Awesome 65-track medley of great Rock ‘n Roll songs from the 60s!



4. Social/Web/Whatever

Last weekend Max went out to record some nice cars for the benztown libraries. A great possibility to get a great amount of different automobiles was a meeting organized by the guys behind Langenburg Historic and Schloss Langenburg. Throughout the whole weekend the participants are encouraged to get through different competitions with their cars. As a part of this competition, the biggest cars came together on sunday to do a so called “Motor Sound-Check”. As you might expect, the organizers wanted to know who’s got the loudest and best sounding car. 🙂  Perfect event for recording!
Check out these recording pics!


5. Imaging

Some of my recent works…


(in case it is interesting to you..if not…:)

check out this guy’s soundcloud page. New Zealands finest, Benztown HotAC and KIIS Sydneys Imaging Wizzard: Chris Davis – Fantastic WORK dude!

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