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Andy’s Fiver Friday #34

8th April 2016 - Fiver Friday - , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

What a week. The John Kerber interview went far beyond all expectations. You obviously waited so long for John to come out of the dark :)…. Thanks for all your messages, likes etc. on fb.  We will do a PART 2! Promise!

1. Plugins

I am still a big fan of the SONALKSIS stuff, if you don’t have tested it I highly recommend to check out the Stereo Tool Kit and maybe the GRIMEBOX! Big bag for the buck!sonalksis_stereo_tools

2. Inspiration

I am finishing this book today – The FISH THAT ATE THE WALE… great read!81TKjmvgQBL

3. Music

I dig the entire album. Fleur Sax – Love, Sex and Flashbacks! That girl has the FUNK!!!!



4. Social/Web/Whatever

Gary and his Monday rant for Fridays! Watch this every monday and you will start your week differently!


5. Imaging

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