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Andy’s Fiver Friday #30

1st February 2018 - Fiver Friday -


30 Episodes, 30 weeks of Fiver Friday – and this is not the end!

Radio Days and Iron Imager is near. If you haven’t your ingredient pack yet, sign up here!

1. Plugins

Waves MixCentric – small little helper to get your mix nice.

2. Inspiration

A true masterpiece from Michael Meyers about one of the most fascinating charakters in us show business. Unbelievable story and documentary! A MUST WATCH!

3. Music

If you want to check out how to set up a track with three chords:


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Check out what we are up to! I am excited to talk to you in person, geek out and have fun!


5. Imaging

Check Matt Damrows new SiriusXM Promo Reel: