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Andy’s Fiver Friday #22 – 2016, here we go!

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Fiver Friday Header II

Hey all, this is the first Fiver Friday 2016 and I am sick at home, which sucks, but I had time to look through the list of things I wanted to do in 2016…Fiver Friday came up first!

So, lets get it on!

1. PlugINs
A delay which is not just a delay: UVI Relayer. Endless possibilities to manipulate and change the sound over time. Check the review for more info!


I love that guy -Derek founded CD baby, is a Programer, Musician and just super inspiring human being. Check his site, read his books, it will change the way you think!


Can’t be nothing else than David Bowie this week. One of his biggest tracks, recorded while he lived in Berlin. Check the guitar on that, crazy SH***!

4.Social / Web / Whatever:
Weight Reducing Maschine at the Stuttgart Office

5. Imaging
David Bowie Tributes from Adam Hood and James Stodd for benztown and Michael ‘sidey’ Anderson for Triple M in Australia

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