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Andy’s Fiver Friday #161- Free Waves PlugIn, tricked by Sound Design and the brand NEW Europa Plus Package

30th November 2018 - Fiver Friday -

It´s Friday, Baby! Here’s to another day of amazing impulses from the world of sound, media and broadcasting! Get right into this weeks goodies – Fiver Friday #161!


Waves releases FREE Sibilance plugin, a special for Black Friday! The only thing you have to do is submit your e-mail address!

Check their website for more deals! 

2. Inspiration

From gunshots in a canyon to underwater submarine engines, this audio-rich talk explores the role of sound design in modern storytelling.
Most of you probably know those things, nevertheless worth watching!

3. Music

Chill-vibes for the weekend from A$AP Rocky’s new released single. Take a Listen!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Just when everyone thought the Rocky movies were done, 2015’s Creed brought the boxing franchise back! Expertly intertwining the origin story of boxing newcomer Adonis Johnson (played by Michael B. Jordan) with the legacy of icon Rocky Balboa (a returning Sylvester Stallone).

Release date: November 21, 2018 (US)

5. Imaging

Check out our new Demo for Europa Plus!