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Andy’s Fiver Friday #123 – Max’s new venture, MComb and some HARP Action for Valentine’s Day!

23rd February 2018 - Uncategorized -









This was a great one, had so much fun destroying Oli and Jan at Tischfußball and of course also by creating some new awesome Imaging with a PlugIn I have not played around with for a while… MCOMB!

 1. PlugIn 

MComb, the extremely powerful multi-comb filter… The best feature is to create the filters in the key of the song and automate the feedback – check it out!!!


 2. Inspiration 

How did you capture the very essence of romance in sound this Valentine’s Day? See below:

 3. Music

The greatest filmmaker of all time and his soundtracks… 🙂

 4. Web/Social/Whatever

Our boy Max has a new project and I highly encourage you to get your SFX here, if you need any. Awesome Bang for the $ and great photos of Max recording in the Alps, LA, etc… Check it out yourself!









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5. Imaging

I continue to be impressed. 2 years in and in my opinion one of the best in the game already!!!

Alex’s Composite – take a listen!