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Andy’s Fiver Friday #121 – Tischfußball, Imaging Assassins and new colors in the office

21st February 2018 - Uncategorized -

Ahhh. Another week, DONE. And guess what my office life’s been missing out on… 🙂


1. PlugIn

The new ChromaVerb that came along with the Logic Pro X Update, what a beauty – by the way, it also sounds really nice 🙂

2. Inspiration

The best purchase for the office, EVER. Our new TISCHFUßBALL, not just any Tischfußball – THE TISCHFUßBALL!
The Leonhart Pro Tournament is not only the world cup’s official table, but also Benztown’s 🙂

Tischkicker Showdown

Start the #weekend like a boss 👊 the last statement of our chef at the conference table this week..see you monday!!

Posted by Soundquadrat on Freitag, 2. Februar 2018

3. Music

One of the best Hip Hop Albums ever with my favorite tracks!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

A great mini documentation on how to record audio books.

5. Imaging

New work from the Imaging Assassin Mike Santos on Melbourne’s KIIS.