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Andys Fiver Friday #112 – UVI’s Toy Museum, A 49 Year Old Skate Legend And Fire Imaging

21st November 2017 - Fiver Friday, Useful Links, Videos -


Here we go with Nr. #112 Ladies and Gents…

It’s been a busy week!! But if you have a harp player in the studio and the Christmas bed production is running, you take the opportunity to calm yourself, listen to something relaxing and make a Fiver Friday šŸ˜‰

1. Plugin

UVI’s Complete Toy Museum comes in handy for producing such soothing Christmas content. A lot of different Instruments and Toys that may surprise you and fit your production.


2. Inspiration

This Guy…a childhood hero for so many, now he’s 49 and it still looks like he can do it all. Amazing straight up guy with a awesome attitude. Respect!

3. Music

They released their 2nd EP a couple days ago and the sound they make is just straight throwback. Robert Plant similarities are insane!!!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

A suggestion from our President. Awesome Documentation about movie soundtrack creation!


5. Imaging

James Stodd always delivering good stuff! He is our Imaging Director for the Avalanche Classic Rock library and of course in real life he produces his stations in the UK as Fire, Breeze and Sam FM