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Andy’s Fiver Friday #105 – Hornet SongKey MK2, Bonnie’s Stunning Photography And A Worldclass Podcast Library

29th September 2017 - Fiver Friday, Uncategorized -

Boom. Another week! Here is some really nice weekend infusion for you guys!

1. Plugin

This Real-time Key And Chord detector by Hornet PlugINs sounds like a usefull tool that could save some time.

2. Inspiration

Her pictures are just fantastic. Bonnie from the benz crew is rocking the #stairwaystoheaven!

3. Music

Still love Jack – such a great guy and great life story as well!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Gary speaks truth and thats why we at Benztown focus highly on the independent content creators of the NOW and the future. Amp your production with our cutting edge, world class PODCAST Library.

To The Library

5. Imaging

The latest from Scott!