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Andy’s Fiver Friday #102 – NAB, RAIN summit and how to turn negative into positive

8th September 2017 - Fiver Friday, Uncategorized -

So, this has been a busy week for us here at benztown with RAIN,  NAB and Deutscher Radiopreis.

1. Plugin

This week I messed around with LoFi from Avid again. Still love the digital destruction presets as well as the toy bear. Play around by automating a few parameters, it will give you interesting results!

2. Inspiration

You all, I love listening to your work on Soundcloud, reading your socials, chatting with you – you inspire me. Thank you!

3. Music
Great album…relaxed, funky, soul, electronic, sounds a bit like Maxwell meets Bruno Mars and D’Angelo in a more electronic way.

4. Web/Social/Whatever

How to turn negative into positive, I am always impressed by Sir Richard Branson and this is one of the reasons why. He turns negative in positive all the time.


5. Imaging

So much great stuff new on Soundcloud. This one is from Dan Hill. Great work brother, keep it UP!