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An incredible Reverb PlugIN, I bet you never heard of!

22nd October 2010 - General - , , ,

Not long ago a close friend hit me up with an new plugIN. “Another reverb? Do I really need that?” I got almost any available and well know reverb on my production system or as outboard gear. So…His answer was clear – “Try it and i promise : you will love it!” Thats what you always hear with new software, plugINs or even girls.  The next day I got 5 minutes off and installed it. One of the best 5 minutes I ever spent. Today I use it in almost any session or template. WHY? Because the artsacoustic reverb is just a great plugIN. The sound is incredible, the  features, options and presets are huge,  almost any parameter can be changed easily and as a VST / AU / UB it works with any production system,  no matter if MAC or Windows related.  I often use this reverb to create stunning vocal FX, just check out how it sounds on the official demos or download the demo version and test it right away.

So, If you are after a easy to use, great quality providing and not too expensive reverb ($ 189 US). Artsacoustics is the way to go. If you have detailed questions you can get in contact with the guys via email. They are real pros, great guys, know their business and are happy to answer your questions.

Artsacoustic pt2

Artsacoustic Pt3

  • The CaptainReply

    try the demo - because sound matters :-)
    really cool to create stunning vocal effects or even use it as an aux return for ur station voice...

    the captain

    27th October 2010
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