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A Quick Pro Tools Tip: Fix your automation in seconds!

15th August 2012 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes - , , ,

Here’s a little shortcut, I found and I don’t want to deny it from you guys. A cool trick to fix your automation if you’ve done a mistake.

Start with this little example. You’ve got an automation that looks like this:

And your goal is to get to a falling curve like this:

Now the important part: Select your automation beginning with the point you want to start to lower the level and ending with the point you want your level reach the low point (or every automated parameter else).

Now, press X and let the magic happen…

It’s no big deal, but it might come in handy once in a while.

(You have to enable Keyboard Command Focus Mode for this shortcut)

  • MatthieuReply

    Love shortcut post ! Easy way to save time and keep money ! I'm looking for a shortcut to open and close region file column in the edit window. Could you help me ?


    15th August 2012
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Thanks for the kind words, Matthieu.

      There is no known shortcut to open or close the region list, but you can assign your own shortcuts on OS X. Go to System Preferences --> Keboard & Mouse -->Keyboard Shortcuts.

      Click the plus at the bottom and choose Pro Tools as program.

      Enter the exact name of the menu you want to control under 'Menu Title'
      In this case, make sure you write Regions List.

      Now you have to choose a shortcut which isn't already used by Pro Tools.
      I used ⌥ option key + V to test it, but you can use any shortcut which isn't already assigned.

      Safe the shortcut, close Pro Tools, open it again and then try it. It worked perfectly for me in Pro Tools and a lot of other programs.

      Hope I could help you.

      Have a great weekend,


      19th August 2012
  • Scott Smokin' SilzReply

    Nice tip!

    15th August 2012
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