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24 Days Of Xmas – Day 4: Free Xmas Sound Effects FOR YOU!

4th December 2018 - Tutorials, Useful Links -
What’s poppin’? Since Christmas is just around the corner, we have something festive for our Blog-Comunity! After Max is gone, Jan and Chris took over our sound-effect zone. Together they recorded some fresh Christmas special effects. And guess what? They are now available as a free download! Get your hands on them! NOW!

Here is the behind the scenes of our christmas magic and how we did it:
We recorded all the stuff with 3 microphones: a stereo pair of Rode NT5 and a Rode NTG3B. We used a AB Stereo setup with the NT5’s and the NTG3B to get a more spacious sound.
During the post production,
we brought into action
the stereo signal of the NT5’s
and mixed it to the
mono signal of the NTG3B.
Lastly we applied a EQ
and a bit of compression,
such as an limiter
at the tip.
We recorded a sleigh bell in different tempo and variations, simulated unwrapping a present with paper, mimic footsteps in the snow with cornstarch, recorded some cymbal rolls and
captured a real fire!!
Have fun with them guys! Here is the link to all 10 of them:
Don’t we all love early christmas gifts? Stay save and see you next time.