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24 Days Of Xmas – Day 16 – The best TOOLS to manipulate Music

16th December 2018 - Tutorials -

Music and movement in music is essential to our craft especially, if you build longer pieces and especially for young target demographic – CHR, Rhythmic, Urban and so on.

A question I often get is:
What can we use to make a boring beat move the needle and make the musical background more interesting?

Of course there is a ton more, but those are my favorites:

One Knob Filter. Automate the Filter and play with resonance.
(Side Note: You can also use any other Filter PlugIn or a EQ like Filter Bank and automate High and low pass filter, works just as well)

Glitch Bitch. A bit more tricky to use, I like using it with MIDI to gain total control or automate various things. Tom Ferguson  is a heavy user of this, too.

Effectrix. A good starting point, love it especially for all Urban and Rhythmic projects.

Pitch and Time. Great for all types of beatmatching and tempo manipulations

Filter Gate. This was overlooked for a long time by me, but it can do some tremendous things. You will often hear this on Imaging from Capital FM!

What are you using the most? Would love to hear your answers!