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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 18: Andy’s Black Friday or let’s GO SHOPPING!!!

27th November 2015 - General

This is an usual Friday. IT IS BLACK FRIDAY BABY!  Black Friday is the day all audio geeks are waiting for, so here are the best deals! Enter Benztown’s Black Friday Sale Checkup 2015 – find your way through the discount jungle!

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Andys Fiver Friday – Episode 17

20th November 2015 - General

What a week?! What a crazy week! I dont want to add my opinion to the “Paris Terror Islamic Threat” type of discussions I have seen all week long on televison , social etc. My point is, I am just thankful, that all my french…

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Waves VoiceCentric: The little bit of extra for your VO?

19th November 2015 - Review

When you watch the product video of Greg Well’s VoiceCentric plugin, you will hear the sentence “I just can open it and within 5 seconds, I get the sound I’m looking for.” Sounds interesting, so let’s see whether this is right!

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 16

13th November 2015 - General

Again, another week is gone and it is time for Fiver Friday:)…

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FabFilter’s Mission Compression: Pro-C2

11th November 2015 - Review

We all know that plugin factory from the Netherlands: FabFilter. Last year the guys around Floris Klinkert and Frederik Slijkerman updated their EQ to version 2 and this was a real success. This year they tweaked their compressor and updated it to Pro-C2. To me the…

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Andy’s Fiver Friday Episode 15 – Pro-C2, Maschine at the CMA’s?

6th November 2015 - General

Another week, another Fiver Friday. I am thrilled to announce next week we will intro and take a closer look to the new FabFilter Pro-C2 to the imaging community and  just as a teaser : This baby rocks!

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Shuffle It or MIDIfy your Audio!

4th November 2015 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

I’m sure you already noticed, we didn’t feature a lot of Pro Tools MIDI tricks in the past – because in daily Imaging business playing synths or working with MIDI FX does not happen that often (besides Vocoder stuff). But time by time composing in Pro Tools…

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