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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

They want you to be AVERAGE….

28th September 2013 - General

The Mass is average, The Mass wants you to fit in, BUT WE HAVE A SURPLUS OF MASS. So…. Break out, try new things, get rid of dogmas, do what you like, go crazy – WHY ? Mass is NOT you. YOU DO SOMETHING REMARKABLE….

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Meet David Tyler or the Man behind “Radio IMAGING and PRODUCTION” on facebook!

26th September 2013 - General, Interviews

Nothings better then getting connected and David Tyler made it happen for all of us: nearly 1.300 imaging directors, producers and VO talents joined the “radio imaging and production” facebook group since he started it a few months ago. He created an additional place where…

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What are your favourite Speakers ? AND WHY?

22nd September 2013 - General

This is a question I got asked over and over again, if we give a workshop or coachings and it is really a tough one as every environment and goal needs to be adressed  in a different way as well as every budget is different….

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Imaging from around world – Matt Innes’ VO layering and panning tricks will get you!

17th September 2013 - General

Remember Matt Innes? The Globe Trotter of Imaging. He is back in Oz since a few weeks and signed up at Nova. Check his recent work and how he uses  VO layering and panning, mostly done with speaker phone, his favourite plug-in at the moment… “I’m…

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Argentina’s Finest or meet Luciano Voglino – THE Diego Armando of Imaging

13th September 2013 - General, Interviews

This post about Leandro Adrogue got so much love, so I decided to interview the second spanish speaking Imaging guy this month – Luciano Voglino. Raul was so kind to introduce me. Luciano is a great talent, working for a nationwide argentinian network called Vorterix…

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9 /11 a day to remember – Benztown’s 9/11 Imaging

11th September 2013 - General

Every one of us remembers exactly, where he was in that particular moment, when he first saw this unreal pictures on TV. The attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon shocked the entire world. Last year we had an incredible dedication piece of audio done…

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Fame FX meets Carson Daly – Check out Mike Santos’ pieces for Carson Daly on AMP Radio!

9th September 2013 - General

Today I received some new Imaging pieces from my buddy Mike Santos. Mike works at Amp Radio in LA and is responsible to make one of Americas biggest Morning Show sounds awesome! He is the guy for Carson Daly’s Imaging. Mike added his thoughts and insight…

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6th September 2013 - General

He guys, it is me : ANDY…after I recieved a few emails of people dont know me in person asking where I went :)..I am Andy the CEO of benztown and ANDRE wrote this blog with me. Thanks to all the guys, who were so…

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How to image THE MOST POPULAR COUNTRY STATION in the world or Dan Kelly, THE Iron Imager goes Country!

4th September 2013 - General

Not long ago he was crowned Benztown’s Iron Imager – Dan Kelly. Dan is an extraordinary talented Imaging guy, rocking WPLJ since more than 10 years and since its launch also images NASH FM. He also contributes to the Spark library. But how does Country…

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Summer of Imaging – Grab some inspiration from 97.1 AMP Radio’s Jake Kaplan!

2nd September 2013 - General, Useful Links

Hey guys, it’s time for a brand new feature about one of the most talented pals our there: My buddy Jake Kaplan, imaging director at AMP Radio, LA. Jake sent me some of his recent imaging pieces. To me his style is really unique and…

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