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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Benztown, what a ride – Andre’s Production Diary… or this is the END!…for now

31st August 2013 - General

Hey guys, it’s Andre. Time flies. It’s almost three years since entering Benztown and starting to write for this blog. In this time, I could watch Benztown and this blog growing as well as me. Three years ago, I had no clue about radio or…

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Some New TOYS or I want THAT! GEAR PORN Part 1…

30th August 2013 - General, Useful Links

Hey Guys, happy thursday! This is gonna be a quick on, more fb like: What do you want? This is my gear porn for today! I WANT THAT – BAD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HHiXqcyu2M Please post links, gear porn suggestions and things you want badly  – in the…

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Advanced Blogging – Cool WordPress Plugins to level up your blog…or WHEN DO YOU START ?

26th August 2013 - General

Blogging is sexy and almost 3 years after starting this blog it’s still a great thing. The most popular platform for blogging remains WordPress. WordPress advanced from a simple blogging software into a fine tool to create various blogs and websites without big programming skills (although…

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Benztown Branding named to Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies!

21st August 2013 - General

WE ARE PUMPED! WE ARE HONORED! WE ARE JUST HAPPY! Thanks to all our affiliates, clients, friends, partners and YOU. It has been a fantastic ride the last years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! (More info on benztown.com / facebook and on the inc…

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SPANISH Imaging ICON or the first bilingual double feature – Meet Leandro Adrogué

20th August 2013 - General, Interviews

This interview is a special one, which I was really looking forward to, because I know less about the spanish speaking imaging community, it’s stars and I also never worked  in a spanish speaking market myself. So a brand new experience for me and the…

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Doing it like the pros – EQ analyzing and making room for your VO.

18th August 2013 - General

Hi guys it’s Andre. We’re always looking to get our sound as close as possible to the big artists played in the radio. How do they get that full sound with such a clear singing voice and how come it doesn’t go down in the…

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Radio Imaging – NOW on Wikipedia!

15th August 2013 - General

After checking Wikipedia for Radio Imaging, I was pretty shocked to find that there was nothing listed. Well, the time had come for us to do something about that, so we took it upon ourselves to define Radio Imaging once and for all, and make…

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Imaging from the TOP OF THE WORLD and having the sweetest view over NYC – Catch up with Mikey Muscatello

13th August 2013 - General, Interviews

Imagine having that view everyday at work, while you’re imaging one of radio’s biggest networks in the world. Mikey Muscatello, Imaging Director and Voice Over Artist, made his way from #1 Rock station in Cali KRXQ 98 Rock over WAAF in Boston and finally settled down in…

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Hybrid FX – Do you guys even use it?

11th August 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. The last days, we’ve been experimenting with Hybrid FX – Sound Effect combos including short FX and also spheres like Drones and Pads. Our goal was to create FX combos, which can be used on their own to create a full…

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Compression or automation – How do you get your VO on a constant level?

8th August 2013 - General

Not every voice file comes in perfectly leveled. In many cases you have to do some additional work to make it sound equal. We’ve been asked a lot recently on how to keep levels equal and we figured out two common techniques. Using compression is…

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Knowing your limit and protect what’s important — preserve your hearing

4th August 2013 - General

Hey guys, it’s Andre. A few months ago, I was taught a valuable lesson, which every producer and everybody else working with audio should learn. I was suffering from ringing in the ears or a so-called tinnitus, which completely threw me off track for weeks…

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Mining for digital Gold – How to capture meaningful listener audio

1st August 2013 - General, Useful Links

I remember meeting Drake Donovan back at Conclave 2012. He’s a multi-format imaging director and VO artist and also a passionate blogger colleague. I stumbled over one of his posts and would like to share it with you as my latest useful link. Drake relieves his secret…

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