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The perfect match or that one EQ I still haven’t found yet

30th June 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. One of our trainees showed me a plugin, which really made me jealous of Apple’s Logic Pro. It’s the built-in Match EQ. This one is a little gem. It analyzes the average frequency spectrum of an audio file, enables you to…

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Dramatic scores and epic sound design – Inside Komplete 9 Ultimate Part 1: DAMAGE

28th June 2013 - General

Finally we added it to our studio! Native Instruments’ all-in-one solution for producers – KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE! This package with 65 instruments and effects will give you all you need to get started in production and sound design or to extend your repertoire to the…

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Don’t take it personal YOU….

25th June 2013 - General

I often stumble over people, who really can’t live with criticism and changes in their micro cosmos. It is definitely hard, especially as a creative person and believe me: I know this very well. But due to my experience, I really can tell you, it is…

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Getting into depth – set some accents with simple reverb mixing

24th June 2013 - General

Talented mixing engineers use various dimensions to place their sounds. They find the right place for each and every element in the frequency range and stereo spectrum to avoid clashing sounds and to create a nice full mix. Instead of just focusing on left and…

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Production without analog gear – Can we really live without it?

21st June 2013 - General

While I was looking through mixing legend Dave Pensado’s Production Channel, I stumbled over a very interesting comment. Read it below: ‘THERE ISN’T A SINGLE PIECE OF ANALOG GEAR THAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. PERIOD. Taste and talent will always be more important than gear. If…

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James Stodd vs. The Legends Of Rock

18th June 2013 - General, Interviews

A few years ago, James and I met hanging at Radio Days Europe in Copenhagen. James has an impressive career in UK radio, he worked for major brands like Capital, the BBC and many more + he is one of my go to bloggers. With…

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Ears vs. Technology – Are we overanalyzing?

16th June 2013 - General

Analyzer Tools and a lot of other software and plugins have made a producer’s life much easier. Complex analyzing and metering solutions enabled even a realtime 3D view of your work. All these parameters can turn your production into some kind of science with rules…

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Learn from the master of mixing or my new favorite Youtube channel – Enter Pensado’s Place!

14th June 2013 - General, Useful Links

Hi guys, it’s Andy. Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson and more — they all rely on the experienced ear of mixing engineer Dave Pensado. He mixed an unbelievable amount of top hits through his career and now, he’s sharing…

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Around the world in one Promo – How Globetrotter Matt Innes traveled from Austereo to Nova

11th June 2013 - General

This is the story of one of Australia’s young talented imaging directors, who decided to leave radio (he used to work with David Konsky and Matt Nikolic at Austereo/Southern Cross) and make his dream come true: Matt wanted to travel around the world with his…

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Widen up your sound with this FREE Pro Tools Plugin – AIR Stereo Width

10th June 2013 - General

This plugin comes FREE with Pro Tools and is a real secret weapon to widen up your sound. AIR Stereo Width comes with a pretty decent preset called ‘Wider Highs’. Tweak it to Phase Mode and play around with the three frequency knobs. A little…

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Make the switch or 5 reasons to go for Studio One 2

7th June 2013 - General

Hey guys, it’s Andre. After seeing the first bits of Presonus’ new DAW Studio One 2, I was pretty pumped to see it live in action. Fortunately, I met Martin, who is a convinced Studio One user and I asked him why he is using…

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Clash of the generations or a 23 year old getting started in Classic Hits radio imaging — adding some fresh wind to the scene?

4th June 2013 - General, Interviews

  The next generation of radio imagers is ready to aim for the stars. Young dudes like Nic Kelly and Dan Hunt have proven that the radio imaging scene is getting more and more input from young and aspiring talents. Most of them love playing…

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Getting excited with distortion – Recreate pro exciter sounds and spice up your production.

2nd June 2013 - General

Exciters are a nice way to make your production cutting through. Adding a bit of sharpness makes a lot of mixes clearer and sounding better. We are big fans of exciters like the Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter used hit producer and engineer Val Garay in several…

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