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A FREE plugin for all headphone LOVERS —BEYERDYNAMIC presents Virtual Studio

30th May 2013 - General, Useful Links

A lot of producers these days are used to a mobile lifestyle. The device is :”Everything I need for production, fits in a little bag”. Although I am used to my headphones, I often ask myself how my mix will sound in different environments like…

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Pro Tools 11 with offline bounce — The start of a REVOLUTION?

28th May 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andy. Finally, after years of waiting, the dream of a lot of Pro Tools users comes true with Pro Tools 11 – Offline bounce! I know we are a bit late on that topic, as various blogs posted stuff over this within…

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Switch to mono — a thing you should consider while mixing

26th May 2013 - General

Hey guys, it’s Andre. How often do you guys mix in mono? – A question, you should really ask yourself. A nice stereo mix might sound pretty cool on your studio speakers, but do you ever think about the worst case? Not everybody owns decent…

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Fix your Magic Mouse without any magic at all – get rid of that odd bug!

23rd May 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. I guess a lot of Mac users also use Apple’s Magic Mouse, a pretty cool wireless computer mouse with touch sensitive surface. Despite that it’s my favorite mouse to use, it has a really odd bug. Every time, I lifted the…

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Don’t always rely on digital luxury – double-check Tab To Transient in Pro Tools

19th May 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Tab To Transient might be one of Pro Tools’ coolest features and is really dominating my way to navigate through audio while editing. This clever feature detects the transients (a short, high-amplitude sound at the beginning of a waveform) just by…

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Avoid this error message or how to copy stereo plugins to mono and reverse in Pro Tools

16th May 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. I’m pretty sure, a lot of Pro Tools users already know this error message. Every time, I want to copy a stereo plugin to a mono track, this window pops up. Sometimes it can be a pain not being able to…

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Making the chain complete – The ultimate broadcasting processing or meet Andy’s new passion!

14th May 2013 - General

Did you ever get the chance to see your station’s secret weapon in sound processing live in action? – The key behind cutting edge broadcasting sound. If not, you better contact your station’s engineer and make sure, you’ll hear it with your own ears, because…

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A FREE app, as simple as the name says – All2MP3

12th May 2013 - General, Useful Links

Hi guys it’s Andre, Working in audio and multimedia will confront you with various file formats for any kind of audio and video from various DAWs, video editing and many different other kinds of software. AIFF, APE,  WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, etc… Not every format…

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Benztown does the Robot Rock or Daft Punk Talkbox magic

10th May 2013 - General

Daft Punk are ruling the charts. The French pioneers of electronic music returned this year with the hit single ‘Get Lucky’ and their signature robot sounds. To get close to this unique sound, we got ourselves one of Daft Punk’s favorite toys — the talkbox….

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THE biggest EVENT in RADIO IMAGING or meet the new Iron Imager: WPLJ`s Dan Kelly!

7th May 2013 - General

What a weekend! LA, sunshine and high class imaging! At this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit, Dan Kelly and reigning contestant Paul Duffy proved their skills in an epic battle of imaging skills. 60 minutes – 100 Ingredients – one winner! First of all, thanks…

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Make your session fit the beat – Consolidate and elastic audio going together

5th May 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Radio imaging also contains pretty generic work including creating a lot of elements in short amount of time. Useful for this task are shells, already produced intros and outros, which you just need to combine with the needed VO audio, Listener…

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Iron Imager 2013 – These are the places our finalists need to check out!

3rd May 2013 - General

We’re close to the finals! This weekend, LA will experience an epic imaging battle like never before. New York’s finest, Dan Kelly will compete against reigning champion and Irish Warrior Paul Duffy for $1,000 cash and the prestigious title of the Iron Imager 2013 Before…

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