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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Iron Imager finalist Brian ‘Sludge’ Haddad gives some final advice

30th April 2013 - General, Interviews

My buddy Brian “Sludge” Haddad was in the Iron Imager Finals last year. It was close, but finally he lost in a 2:1 split decision against the reigning champ Paul Duffy. Sludge is a great guy  and a lot of you might know him from…

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From New York to LA – Dan Kelly enters the finals!

26th April 2013 - General, Interviews

Our challenger for this year’s Iron Imager contest is ready! WPLJ‘s imaging director Dan Kelly will face Paul Duffy May 4th at this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit. We had the chance to speak to him while he prepares for the flight to LA and…

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IRON Imager 2013 – Here is THE FINAL CONTENDER!

24th April 2013 - General

Our jury was blown away by the impressive imaging skills of our contestants for Iron Imager 2013.  Thanks to all of you guys for submitting your great imaging to us. It was a great experience to hear so many people getting creative with the Benztown work…

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Compress it NYC Style – New dynamics with Parallel Compression

21st April 2013 - General

  Hi guys, it’s Andre. Today I’m going to share a certain kind of compression technique which some is also called ‘Motown Trick’ or ‘New York Compression’, which enables you to get dynamic signals under control without getting loose of the original punch and natural…

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Welcome to the Irish Imaging Training Camp or Paul Duffy goes LA – The Iron Imager before the contest

17th April 2013 - General, Interviews

[vimeo 64134411] All the submissions have arrived, the jury is now choosing the contestant for the Finals. Who will be the NEW Iron Imager? Are your ready for the most prestigious title in radio imaging? One talented producer will have the chance to compete against…

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Recreate plugin chains and track routings – Importing Tracks in Pro Tools

14th April 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Here’s a quick trick on how to recreate the crazy plugin combo from your latest session, how to get your coworker’s VO tracks with the complete processing chain or how to transfer some previous synth settings with its MIDI files, just…

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Time to represent! – Join the league of Iron Imager contestants, NOW!

11th April 2013 - General

No, this map does not show a list of some of my ex girlfriends, this list is showing the impact of our Iron Imager contest. Producers and radio imaging directors from all over the world are entering this contest to fight for $1,000 cash and…

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1000 Comments and READY for MORE!

8th April 2013 - General

We love Feedback – NOW there is a 1000 comments online and we’re hungry for more. Here is a list of the top feedbackers making this blog such a valuable linchpin for the imaging community. – First on the list is Serbian imaging talent Pedja,…

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Make your mix clear and simple – Sub Mixes in radio imaging

7th April 2013 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Working with audio has become more and more comfortable in the digital age. There’s no need to worry about the number of used tracks. Just slam in your audio and create more tracks if needed. An increasing number of tracks might…

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The next Ozzi superstar? Meet Dom Evans

4th April 2013 - General, Interviews

A few weeks ago, our VO talent Harry sent me some great stuff from an Ozzi newcomer and I was really digging it, so I finally connected with him and interviewed him for you guys. Dom is based in Melbourne and with his 23 years…

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Some upcoming Iron Imagers? – The Stuttgart boys present their entries

2nd April 2013 - Interviews

Hi guys, it’s Andre. This is it! The trophy of the Iron Imager, the most prestigious title in radio production! Once again, competitors from all over the world will fight for this title and $1,000 in cash. Check here to learn more. Like last Christmas,…

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