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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Benztown Christmas Contest, go Gary and rule the Imaging world!

29th November 2012 - General

[slideshow] You all know this little guy, he was taking over the Imaging on 1200 stations worldwide in the last 3 years. His name is Gary and he is the most interesting Imaging Director in the world. He even has his own commercial. AND HERE…

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Sound Designers, here’s your new toy! Hands on NI Skanner

25th November 2012 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. While I was sampling some of my software instruments on the lookout for new sounds for possible FX and Drones, I stumbled over this little fun tool, I almost forgot about – Native Instruments’ Skanner. Skanner was released for free a…

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Lady Gaga goes Dubstep or advanced Wobble bass madness!

23rd November 2012 - General

Here’s a little Lady Gaga Dub Step Insanity Concert Promo,  I did for Benz CHR  – too far? Let me know? What do you think about the switch between tension intro and bad boy beats ? Andy

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Sweeten your time before Christmas with FREE FX each day – The Fame FX Advent Calendar!

21st November 2012 - Fame FX, General

The Holidays are near and it is time for some super-cool free stuff, like our Fame FX ADVENT CALENDAR stuffed with INCREDIBLE BRAND NEW FAME FX WORKPARTS. Get it right now and sweeten your time with one cutting edge FX, Drone or Loop each day, from December 1st till…

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Black Friday Giveaway or how to get Waves One Knob Louder For FREE!

20th November 2012 - General

Black Friday, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, is coming this weekend and plugin manufacturer Waves is celebrating and gives away One Knob Louder for FREE. (Andy’s Side Note: My friend James Stodd sent us the link and I think you should like his new…

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Andre’s bringing that extra kick! Create your own 808 Kick using NI’s massive

18th November 2012 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. A few weeks ago, I shared a post with you about tonal using off bass drums and how to tune them to fit the rest of your element. Today, I’m sharing a NI Massive preset of one of the most popular…

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ProTools Basics: Protect your regions! – Locking audio regions in Pro Tools

16th November 2012 - General

Today I have a very useful basic trick for all of you guys started in  Pro Tools lately. All the editing pros, you might already know THIS! ALL the other ones: READ IT: When you’re working on big sessions over a long time, there are regions…

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Beat cutting with Tremolator

13th November 2012 - General

Can anybody relate to these pics? – Yes, it’s a pretty annoying task, if you want to do it clean. Rhythmic cutting of audio files might be easy with Pro Tools’s grid, but cutting each and every bit, becomes pretty time-consuming. There is many ways…

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1 Click Pro Tools Troubleshoot – Backup and restore your Pro Tools Preferences in seconds!

11th November 2012 - General, Useful Links

Hey Guys, it’s Moe! I’m sure you all know this: You have to finish some Elements with Pro Tools, but the Program runs really slow and crashes all the time. That’s really annoying and also costs you a lot of time. The only solution for…

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CHR Worldwide or revisit KISS FM Berlin

9th November 2012 - General

Remember Andreas, my buddy from Berlin? He is the man behind KISS FM, Berlin – the best sounding radio station in Germany. His energy and sound for KISS FM is legendary and I am proud Andreas / KISS goes Benztown CHR since a long time….

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Be creative and don’t worry about your sessions – First Class Pro Tools Session Backup Tips

7th November 2012 - General

Be honest – how often do you think about the worst case while producing? What happens if your system crashes? Are all your data secured? What will happen to your sessions, after you leave the computer for an hour or two and you came back…

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Starting things smooth – Moritz’s first week in Urban AC Imaging

4th November 2012 - General

Hey everybody, it’s Moe! As I told you in my last post, this was my first week doing Urban AC Brandings for Benztown’s Speaker Toyz AC format. And, what can I say, it was so much fun and I’ve learned a lot about imaging this really smooth…

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Video: Slicing Regions on Grid in Pro Tools with a few simple clicks

2nd November 2012 - General, Videos

Hi guys, it’s Andre. One annoying task for me was slicing files on grid. Jumping from grid mark to the next grid mark and creating one cut after another shortly becomes a pain, but today I found another method! I’m now using Pro Tools daily…

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