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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Behind the Horror – Benztown Halloween Imaging tricks revealed!

30th October 2012 - General

Halloween’s coming! After the last post, it’s time to reveal some of our horror imaging tricks. We asked some of our imaging talents and they shared their tricks with us. Learn here how to creep out a listener in only 30 seconds per promo.

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Introducing Moritz – our newest team member!

28th October 2012 - General

Hey everyone! I’m sure you’ve read about that “upcoming co writer” in one of Andr√©’s previous Posts. Here he is ūüėČ : My Name is Moritz and I’m really proud to tell you that I’m going to be a permanent part of the Benztown Branding…

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Custom Pro Tools Shortcuts for Mac OS X

26th October 2012 - General

Okay, this might sound crazy, but did you ever had the feeling that you might not have enough shortcuts for Pro Tools? Although there are tons of shortcuts are included in Pro Tools, you’re always in need for the one shortcut that doesn’t exist, believe…

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Andy @ Cumulus Headquarters with Rob Jenners & Adam Schneider

24th October 2012 - General, Interviews

Finally I made it! I AM IN ATLANTA, the heart of the broadcasting universe, the home of Cumulus and the home of 2 of the best imaging guys for NT and Sports, I ever worked with. I am thrilled to had time to catch up…

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Tuning your bass drum with Andre

21st October 2012 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Nothing can push your beat or element more than a powerful bass drum. Most guys just slam in a hot bass drum into their production, beatmatch it and it’s done… but we’re not done at this point. In the end, every…

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Blueprint: How to win ACRA (Australian Commercial Radio Award) or enter MMM’s Imaging GURU Sidey

18th October 2012 - General

Getting an award with radio imaging is like the biggest honor and pleasure for a radio producer. We reached out to this year’s ACRA (Australian Commercial Radio Award)¬†winner in the category of ‘Best Achievement in Production’ – Triple MMM’s Michael ‘Sideshow’ Andersen. After getting the…

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Imaging South Africa – Brionne Olsen reloaded with new DAW and new format

15th October 2012 - General

Most of you guys might remember Brionne Olsen, Benztown Xmas Contest finalist and imaging youngster from South Africa¬†and he’s back with some big news: Check out Brionne’s new style and some great audio.

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Sweeping with Andre – Do It Yourself Sweeps and Fly-Ins with almost no effort

12th October 2012 - General

Hi guys it’s Andre, Here’s a quick one on how to create sweeps and Fly-Ins. A customer was looking for a certain sweeping sound. After searching and sending him various sweeps and Fly-Ins, he still wasn’t happy. ‘Do it with more sine sound.’, that’s what…

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Halloween Imaging or PURE Horror made in Benztown

9th October 2012 - General

There’s this one night of the year, where the dead ones leave their graves for a walk and when it’s not abnormal to see superheroes and other fantasy characters on the street – HALLOWEEN The darkest and scariest night of the year and of course…

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Andre’s Production Diary: Fat Dance Bass in Minutes – NI Massive Video Tutorial

8th October 2012 - General, Videos

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Modern Dance music lives from its fat basses. The most common one is the Saw Bass, a sound which is a must-have in the arsenal of every Dance Music Producer. Today, I’m going to show you how to create these Saw…

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The next STAR in Ozzi Radio – Enter Dan Hunt!

5th October 2012 - General, Interviews

This blog has become a platform for young and aspiring imaging talents and we’re proud to introduce you to Australia’s rising imaging star Dan Hunt. Some of you might know his dad, who was or still is one of the most recognized Imaging guys in…

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DO you really want THIS or my CHR work…..regularly?

2nd October 2012 - General

In the last weeks I’ve been approached a few times to post more of my own material here, which I usually just do every now and then and if I want to explain a specific technique or anything else. So please be honest…. Do you…

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