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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Andre’s journey through bass music – Enter Dubstep Part 1

30th September 2012 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Today It’s all about bass! I’m bringing you closer to one of today’s most pulsating and most growing genres in electronic dance music – Dubstep Dubstep is taking over. Although it’s pretty young, it became one of the most impacting and…

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Single Send or Assignment, know the difference – Changing Send Views in Pro Tools

28th September 2012 - General

Most of you guys will be familiar with that view, it’s the Mix window in Pro Tools, where you can see all your Audio, MIDI, AUX tracks and Master plus all inserts and sends. In this example two stereo buses are sent to two stereo…

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Perfect view – Window Configuration in Pro Tools

25th September 2012 - General

Working in large Pro Tools sessions with a lot of plugins might get a bit confusing. Keeping the overview over all these tracks and plugins is not always easy, but Pro Tools comes with a feature called Window Configurations. This feature helps you storing windows…

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Bringing Hip Hop Styles into electronic music or Electro sampling with Andre

23rd September 2012 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. Today, I’m going to share a brand new issue of the Production Diary with you guys. Myself and my upcoming co-writer are going to present our daily production and radio madness with you in this category, so let’s start this right…

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The return of Andre’s Production Diary

22nd September 2012 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. For the newer guys on this blog, let me introduce myself: Back in 2010, I entered the Xmas contest on this blog. The guys at Benztown liked what I was doing and after a few chats, I finally got my chance…

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Mike Santos IMAGING ASSASIN – A Snapshot of 2012

20th September 2012 - General

Most of you guys still know my buddy Mike Santos, Imaging Assasin at AMP in LA, Benztown’s HotAC Imaging Director and VO Artist for Benztown and various stations nationwide. Mike sent me a little snapshot of 2012, including all the great stuff he has done so far!!!!!!…

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WHY konsky is the best? Take a listen.

17th September 2012 - General

Last week I asked my friend David Konsky  to send some new stuff, as I wanted to share the magic he is doing for 2DayFM in Sydney and for the Konsky Files on Benz CHR with you. And again, you hear, why he is THE…

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Put the cart before the horse or how to create a Promo without VO

14th September 2012 - General

We received a special piece of imaging from Jez B, breakfast imaging director at Fox FM in Melbourne. So what’s so special about this? Here’s what Jez says: ‘I was waiting on a VO, and was getting bored so decided to make my show return…

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VO SUPERSTAR Joe Cipriano answers YOUR questions!

12th September 2012 - General

Our buddies @ benztownvoiceover.wordpress.com did it again! They managed to get the legendary Joe Cipriano for an interview and YOU are going to be part of it! Ask Joe Cipriano, one of the most successful Voice Over Artists of all times, about his secrets, his tricks and…

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“One” September 11, 2001 – Paul Armstrong

11th September 2012 - General

9/11 – a day that gained sad popularity in the minds of us all. Eleven years have passed since the terrible terroristic attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, but we still have the horrible pictures in our minds. Everybody of us knows exactly, what…

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7th September 2012 - General

Just a quick thought from my end. While talking to a lot of radio people last night at German Radio Awards and especially about their strategies connecting with listeners….My feeling is radio could give much more, then just talk to or best case communciate with…

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Give your Mouse a BREAK – control your region list with your keyboard

3rd September 2012 - General

Pro Tools is full of shortcuts… Some of them are pretty obvious, known and used by every PT user, others are well hidden and you might get that wow-effect after doing a thing over years and suddenly you discover a shortcut , which makes it…

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