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Hot Dance Filters for FREE – Check out AIR Filter Gate!

30th August 2012 - General

Most Pro Tools users nowadays sure know AIR Plugins. A bunch of free plugins coming with every Pro Tools since version 8. They are often forgotten or replaced by other plugins of big named manufacturers, but they don’t need to hide from the big names….

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Copy & Paste for pros – Repeat To Fill Selection

27th August 2012 - General

Repeat to fill selection is one of the most useful commands when it comes to quick editing. Especially when it comes to loop creation, it’s pretty handy. Check out two simple examples of how to you use repeat to fill in your daily work. Don’t…

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AC Beatmatching Madness from the UK – Enter Chris Ward

21st August 2012 - General, Interviews

Chris Ward, Imaging Director for Real Radio in UK emailed me a few weeks ago and sent me an incredible piece of audio. He really got me tracked down on this AC piece, which he called a ‘Mini Mash’ (and as I get a lots of…

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A Quick Pro Tools Tip: Fix your automation in seconds!

15th August 2012 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes

Here’s a little shortcut, I found and I don’t want to deny it from you guys. A cool trick to fix your automation if you’ve done a mistake. Start with this little example. You’ve got an automation that looks like this: And your goal is…

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Olympic Games 2012 in London – A Benztown Recap

13th August 2012 - General

Congratulations to the USA for being top medalist of the 30th Olympic Games. For a few weeks, London was the center of attention for broadcasters all around the world. It was the biggest sport event in the world! Of course, this means a massive event…

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Quick Tip: Instant switching to Slip Mode while using Grid Mode

9th August 2012 - General

While using Grid Mode, simply hold down Command (⌘) to temporarily switch to Slip Mode. Short, but effective when you’re working in Grid Mode most of the time.

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Have your tracks ready before the action – how to enable Elastic Audio on new tracks!

7th August 2012 - General

Elastic Audio – one of Pro Tool’s coolest features at all. You have total control over your audio and you can perform time stretching without rendering your audio every time. It’s the ideal tool for beatmatching. Usual you have to activate Elastic Audio by clicking the…

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Sometimes you need to be off the beat – Grid and Relative Grid

2nd August 2012 - General

Usually, working in grid mode is one of the best ways to achieve great results, especially when it comes to music related tasks like beatmatching. No matter what happens, grid mode will always keep the beat. But sometimes, the grid might be against you. Especially when…

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