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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

1811 requests in one single year or let’s launch a VO blog…Welcome benztownvoiceover.wordpress.com

31st May 2012 - General

Hey Imaging world, production nerds, sound design gurus. I am proud to show you first : Our new blog especially for VO artists  : benztownvoiceover.wordpress.com The experience and massive success of the last 3 years with our VO Department, the Benztown Voiceover Group (linken), which…

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Imaging India – Meet Binoy Joseph

24th May 2012 - General, Interviews

I am sure you remember Binoy, Creative Service Director for…Radio City Network Bangalore, India and his amazing Iron Imaging submission. He was a finalist, but he couldn’t make it to LA, because of VISA issues.  Anyhow, after listening to his piece I knew I had to…

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10.000 miles away, but having the same idea – Check David Konsky and me getting hands on Sammy Adams’ ‘Only One’

21st May 2012 - General

Last week my friend David Konsky  and I came up with the kind of same idea. Using ‘Sammy Adams – Only One’ as a sample for a piece of production. I did a sweeper to position our CHR flagship station Z 90.3 and Konsky did…

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RIP Donna Summer or why speed is king!

18th May 2012 - General

  Yesterday, Donna Summer, the legendary queen of R&B died at the age of 63. Her musical legacy will stay forever and we at Benztown honored her within an hour with Sweepers, Promos and samples for various formats.  Here’s what Hollywood Hernandez, Program Director @…

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Sports Imaging or Meet Brian Haddad

10th May 2012 - General, Interviews

Most of you guys still remember Brian Haddad a.k.a. “Sludge” and his attendance in Benztown’s first Iron Imager Contest. Sports Imaging always has been underrepresented here, so I am really happy Brian had a few minutes to answer my questions. Brian is currently the Creative Director/On-air…

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Pure Emotion or what Imaging is all ABOUT

8th May 2012 - General

I don’t use this word very often, but this time I have to. Attached you hear a MASTERPIECE, a true MASTERPIECE of IMAGING (Perfect music, perfect  interview material, technically perfect etc…) It is the story of Kristian Anderson. A brave man fighting cancer, knowing he…

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How do you get sucked into music, if your dad is a professional Wrestler? GET a composer with Shane Drasin.

7th May 2012 - General, Interviews

Shane is one of the newer members of the Benztown family and someone I work very close with. Shane is a really talented, maybe the most versatile and flexible composer I know in the business. The great thing about this fact is: Shane is MY…

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“I wish my DAW could do…”

3rd May 2012 - General

In today’s world, music production, radio imaging, recording and mastering has become more and more a software solution. Today we are blessed with tons of DAWs and audio editing software. Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Sony Vegas and lots of other software…

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