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28th December 2011 - General

Hi guys, this time it’s getting a bit more personal. Benztown Imaging Director and VO talent Harry Legg thinks a lot about people in the industry and their sometimes unhealthy environment. He shared the following thoughts with me to post it here. Check Harry’s tips…

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Xmas Greetings from sunny Australia or Sidey = Movie Star

26th December 2011 - General

The gift giving is almost over, but a little present is left. My old friend Sidey from OZ sent something over to help us enjoy xmas even a little more and listen to this magic stuff, while getting fat. We love you Michael ‘Sideshow’ Andersen….

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The Benztown Xmas Contest 2012 – Here are the WINNERS!

23rd December 2011 - General

It’s close before Christmas Eve and now it’s time for some awesome gifts. We’re proud to present the winners of our Xmas Contest 2012. IT WAS YOUR VOTE….and here are the winners. A copy of Fame FX: Gavan Q&A with David Konsky: Brionne Q&A with…

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The Young Guns of Imaging and YOU decide – The Benztown Xmas Contest 2011: Here are the contestants!

21st December 2011 - General

After an unbelievable year it was time to give something back, so we created THE BENZTOWN Xmas Contest 2011 with unbelievable prizes: A skype Q & A with imaging legend David Konsky,  Adobe Audition and PPM strategy expert Mike Santos,  composing with Oli from Benztown,…

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Only 1 DAY left to get FAME FX for free + boost your skill set on a new level with a private Q & A with Imaging legend David Konsky

19th December 2011 - General

Discover how this awesome piece of imaging was made, learn from one of the best CHR Imaging directors on the planet in a spceial and private Q & A. Boost your skillset to a whole new leve! Guys, only a few hours left to win…

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Increase your performance or How to stop the Beach Ball Of Death – Andre’s Production Diary Part 47

17th December 2011 - General

Don’t worry, your Mac isn’t broken. It’s just a image, every Mac user of you knows and probably hates. The spinning wait cursor, a.k.a. marble of doom, beach ball of death or spinning pizza. Today, I’m going to show you some tips to make sure…

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The Benztown Xmas Contest 2011 or get FAME FX for free, a personal skype call with David Konsky, Mike Santos and Oli

15th December 2011 - General

Christmas is coming up and Benztown says thanks for an unbelievable year with the 2011 Version of our  Xmas Contest. We are hooking you up with awesome prizes and it will need you not even 3 minutes getting your hands on it. Ever wanted FAME…

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Unbelievable! Add more than 500 radio stations to your service in one day!

14th December 2011 - General

Finally it is done. Benztown Branding cut the biggest deal ever in history of radio imaging. From Jan 1st we will be working with Cumulus as  a new syndication partner. Cumulus decided to pick up at least 1 Benz library throughout all the stations in…

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Back in LA, Airplane productions, Bose Noise Canceling Randomness or some VO Treatment Screen Caps.

12th December 2011 - General

LA winter times, still not the worst place to hang out, right? But lets start chronologically. While flying over, I had a hard time to sleep, so I got some stuff rolling in the plane. As we decided to create some imaging updates for the…

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A Synthesizer and Vocoder sharp like a razorblade or my newest toy – Andre’s Production Diary Part 46

11th December 2011 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. It’s been a while, since I started as volunteer in the Benztown Studios in Stuttgart and I’m still here and learning everything about radio imaging and production from the pros. Yesterday, Oli showed me some of the new Plugins, we for…

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Creative Writing or get the OZZI genetics implanted – Meet Ben Wasley (feat. Matt Nikolic)

5th December 2011 - General

We had massive feedback  to our latest post about Australian Imaging Legend Matt Nikolic. One comment came from Ben Wasley, who writes the scripts for Fox FM in Melbourne. Besides from writing scripts for legendary imaging guys, he hosts various shows and writes the copy…

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Movember reloaded or look at these beards! Andre’s Production Diary Part 45

3rd December 2011 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. we made it! Movember is over. One month dedicated to mustaches to raise vital funds and awareness  for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. One month without shaving for a good cause First of all, thanks…

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Do It Safe – Download Benztown world AIDS day shells here for free

1st December 2011 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes

AIDS is a certain problem all over the world, it affects people and their lives everywhere. There is still too much poeple having no idea about this desease and how it could change their lives and the live of others. Benztown wants you to take…

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