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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Get Life in your Elements or how samples can make a great Promo – Andre’s Production Diary Part 14

30th April 2011 - General

Hi guys, It’s Andre and it’s my 14th week as a volunteer at Benztown. Today I’m going to tell you how to spice up your Promo. You may have a great script, a great VO, great music and great effects, but you still think, there’s…

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THE Young Guns – Imaging REdeFinEd

29th April 2011 - General

Really?! LEGENDS. We all know them and discuss about their geniuses and what they  achieved in the past. In each business, there are people we consider as LEGENDS. Guys who showed up and changed the way things were done, changed the thinking, invented new art…

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How to blow your Speakers? Compression and EQing by Brendan Tacey

27th April 2011 - General

You all know Brendan Tacey as the Head of Imaging for MMM in Melbourne. He is also known as the PRODGUY and runs his own Youtube channel showing YOU tipps & tricks for great radio production. A few days ago I asked Brendan to do…

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The BEST production blogs worldwide – Useful Links Part. 1

24th April 2011 - General, Useful Links

Gents, I want to present: a new category : Useful Links We will feature web- / blog sites about radio imaging, great pop culture websites, shops for studio gear and much more in the following weeks. Today I want to feature the best radio imaging…

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Stylus RMX Reloaded or getting started with MIDI – Andre’s Production Diary Part 13

22nd April 2011 - General, Videos

Hey guys, it’s Andre. It’s now my 13th week as volunteer at the Benztown Studios at Stuttgart and today, I’ve got a nice trick for everyone starting with beat creation. Remember my post about Stylus RMX? An easy to use and effective tool for beat…

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An Imaging Legend, a VO Artist and the craziest TV AD ever – Meet the one and only MMMs Sidey!

20th April 2011 - General, Interviews

You might know him as Sidey or “Sideshow” Mike Andersen. He is the Imaging guy for Triple M in Sydney, a VO artist and since a few an oscar nominated actor :)… http://www.bestadsontv.com/player Like you see: HE is Mr. Triple M! I am thrilled to…

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Flanging 3.0 for an unbelievable sexy female VO SOUND

19th April 2011 - General

Many of you remember Rachel. Her post was one of the most read ever on the blog.  Rachel is an awesome female VO Artist and the Imaging Director for CC Atlanta. I developed a really sweet PlugIn Combo for her on our CHR library, I…

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Content Rules! What DO you want us to feature more on the blog?

18th April 2011 - General

After almost half a year, we made a great start in the blog world. Now it is up to you to make this blog even more interactive and useful. After more than 90 posts, interviews, video turorials, screencaps, tipps and tricks, inspirational content and and…

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FAME FX for FREE and here are THE WINNERS!

16th April 2011 - Fame FX, General

The interviews have been read for more than 1460 times within the entire week and 571 people voted for their favorite. Gents, I am proud and happy to present the Winners of our Fame FX contest! 1. Fame FX for free : Nic Kelly &…

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Think outside the box or how to be an innovator – Andre’s Prouction Diary Part 12

15th April 2011 - General

We all get to a certain point in life – doesn’t matter what you’re doing or what you’re working – , when we get stuck in routine. Doing the same routine everyday, can make you sick and your work never moves forward. How do you…

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13th April 2011 - General

Are you prepared for the WORST CASE SCENARIO? Lets draft it: You did the best production ever, maybe you worked up your ass till the early morning and the next day you switch on your MAC, you have a hard disk issue and all your…

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FAME FX for free or the Battle of THE Imaging LEGENDS! Who will win the brand new Fame FX ? You decide!

11th April 2011 - Fame FX, General, Interviews

I am thrilled to present you our exquisit line up for the Fame FX contest. 1.The world famous Dave Foxx & Eban 2.Australia’s CHR Imaging Icon and a good friend of mine David Konsky & Nic Kelly 3. Musical genius and TM’s VP/creative Ricky Roo…

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Missed the Oscars? Meet the Benztown Calendar – Andre’s Production Diary Part 11

9th April 2011 - General

Here’s a worst case scenario: It’s the day after the Oscars and you’ve got no production elements on air. No samples, no matching Musicbeds, no Promos, no Sweepers. In short: You messed it up totally! Your PD will freak out and he is right! How…

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Live like a Rockstar or the advantage of living the culture, you create Imaging for

8th April 2011 - General

In Radio, most of the imaging guys, I know, want to work in CHR / Top40 or at least HotAC. We all love that zip zap, massive exlplosions, panning and layering insanity combined with fast, powerful and driving beats. But what about the guys doing…

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Video:The Sweeping Society – Create an unbelievable FILTER FX on Music.

6th April 2011 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes, Videos

For all you electronic music lovers –  here comes one of the (what I call) back to the roots FX every DJ and House Producer was after in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It is still a very popular Filter FX in music production…

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Phuket Mixing & Mastering Studio or where is Thierry Rogen?

5th April 2011 - General

Hi guys. Matthieu sent us some awesome pics of the mixing and mastering studio of the French sound engineer Thierry Rogen, based in Phuket, Thailand. Thierry had a long career as sound engineer ‘Désenchantée’ by Mylène Farmer or ‘La Poupée qui fait non’ by Mylène…

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Survey: Hardware vs. Software or why I didn’t spend almost 5000 $ for a Studer A 800!

4th April 2011 - General

Last week I was looking for some gear on ebay and found this on the web. Oli and I discussed back and forth, if it is worth, what we expected by purchasing it and how much this little baby would improve our sound in general….

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Reaching for the stars – Andre’s Production Diary Part 10

2nd April 2011 - General

Hi guys, we all know the famous from rags-to-riches story or call it The American Dream or whatever. I know, not everyone will get rich and famous, but that’s not the point. The point is that everyone who made it to fame and fortune, had…

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